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Color effects. The essential dresses for spring and summer
Being the main piece of Yasya Minochkina collections from one season to another, a dress holds a special place in the wardrobe for spring and summer. We believe that the summer outfit starts from the dress. A proper garment, be it everyday or evening style, relaxed or exuberant design, helps in empowering your mood and conveying it to the outworld.

The silhouette depends on the type of occasion you are preparing for. If it’s a celebratory event, you should take a look at draped dresses, the ones with slits and long flowing skirts. These are the ultimate attires for visiting a dinner party, a red carpet or any other kind of gala situation. Dresses embellished with ruffles and decorative buttons are a choice for your effortless everyday stroll or gathering with friends. Puff sleeve dresses with a retro vibe would be a right pick for a date.

A broad color spectrum is another crucial spring-summer element, consequently embodied in Yasya Minochkina outfits. Sunny yellow, sky blue and the whole natural palette transmits into the vivacious shades of garments.  The Pantone Color Institute rightfully announced Illuminated yellow as the color of the year 2021. You can try this trend on with our romantic floral print dress. If you are not ready for the total yellow look, you won’t go wrong with our lemon-shade striped garments. One way or another, this color is a perfect choice for summer, as it will beautifully highlight your tan.

Shades of green are the next seasonal favorite. One of our signature designs – the satin corset maxi dress – comes in the bright green. When wearing this vibrant shade, as well as a discreet emerald, you can complete your outfit with a pink bag or lipstick for an eye-catching colorblock. Speaking of pink, this color is relevant as ever and even refreshed with new interpretations. Chiffon and lace dresses delicately reveal its powderish tones, while the evening satin pieces are radiating in fuchsia. Lavender garment, in its turn, is meant for sophisticated summer evenings by the sea. And if you are into red, this shade, as always, steals the show. Be prepared to have all eyes on you, while wearing the lightweight ruby-colored dress, the asymmetrical mini or the sequin design.

Monochromatic colors are elevating each dress, which is already a self-sufficient fashion statement on its own. If you want to play this game safe, you should take a closer look at the translucent mesh garments. This fabric exquisitely flatters the figure and provides a perfect base for colorful details. Yasya Minochkina transparent dresses are trimmed with intense red stripes, blue, pink and green embroideries – refined color drops, if you will.

In a word, summer encourages for experimenting with tones and half-tones, saturation and softness, basic shades and bright accents. Each hue is a tool for your individuality. Every color is an entire visual story. Which one would you tell today?
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